Benchmark study of special moment frame structures. Commissioned by the Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology, POSCO Global R&D Center, Korea.
  Twin rotor damper for super long span cable-stayed bridge. Commissioned by the Disaster Prevention Research Team of DAEWOO Institute of Construction Technology, Korea.
  Specifications and concepts for the design of prestressed concrete box girder bridges. Joint research project with the Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT); comparison of international specifications and design practice in the field of prestressed concrete box girder bridges.
Expert opinion on accident during controlled demolition. Moorburg Power Plant Chimney, Hamburg, Germany.
Extra-Dosed Bridge, Korea. Highway Bridge at Seoul, Korea with one main span of 115 m and two side spans of 65 m; prestressed concrete box girder supported by inclined stay cables. Study on stay-cable vibrations.
Bridge Infrastructure Renewal Program, Washington, D.C. Research and development program funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA); transfer of defense technology to bridge engineering applications; use of fiber-reinforced plastics (composites). Feasibility study and conceptual structural design (while working for J. Muller International, San Diego).
Progressive collapse study and design of Confederation Bridge (Northumberland Strait Crossing Project), Canada. Highway bridge between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick; main bridge consists of 43 continuous box girder spans of 250 m each (while working for J. Muller International, San Diego).